Commercial Builder

Restaurant Design

Say you’ve got a restaurant that needs building…yesterday. Or maybe you’d like to renovate your store or restaurant to be brighter, warmer, or more spacious.

Office Space

Do you require expanded office spaces—combining the success of a business with spatial affirmation. We’ve renovated commercial spaces to feel entirely new: more open, modern, and fresh. All the while, we’ve mastered the finer details of the construction process, while remaining on top of—even ahead of—the most demanding timelines. Your business has grown, and you’re contemplating adding a floor or merging with an adjoining space.

Commercial office space with partitions.

Here at the James O’Reilly Group, we are widely–known for our no-nonsense work ethic. We have a reputation for working 9–hour days, 60–hour weeks, and weekends when necessary—just to finish your job beautifully. We simply spread our hours out over a shorter calendar period. “They’re like machines,” says at least one repeat client about us. And we’re proud of it.

Your construction goals are our priority for all size projects.

To take advantage of our experience and become a happy repeat client, contact us today.

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